Monday, 14 April 2008

Long awaited update!

Well, a big hole in the ground with water in it. Geddit?

OK, I'm STILL going! I didn't think I'd make it this far! I'm seeing results too. My shoulders and arms seem bigger along with my pecs.
I'm still not 100% happy with my workout though. I think I can make the most of my gym time by rearranging my sessions and setting myself a set routine. At the moment it's all a bit higgledy piggledy. Some days I do this, and some days I do that. I don't do any work on my abs at all, I keep meaning to do something with that.

I had a spare half hour at work and I started to plan my workouts. I've reached a good system that should help structure my exercise and provide me with a nice set workout.

Other things I've done since my last post include getting hold of some protein milkshakes (vanilla flavour, nice!), and football once a week with some blokes. Football still gives me that tight feeling in the chest so I'm still not THAT fit, but I'm improving.

My weight has gone up too! I'm very pleased with this. I'm currently a healthy 12 stone dead (Healthy? Dead?). I feel glad I've reached this little milestone and I'm looking forward to the next (mile)stone.

My appetite is back too. I've found myself scoffing all sorts from egg sarnies to fruit and veg with the odd cake in between. I feel so much better for having a halfway decent diet back now.

My birthday is coming up soon, and I don't know what to do with it. My mum has offered to take me to Thorpe Park which is nice. I've not been since I was 13 (so that'll be 10 years then) so I'm not sure if it'll be any good, the only theme park people ever talk about is Alton Towers.

Well, well, two holes in the ground with water in. Ha! I'm on fire! This'll do for my newest post, I think. I'll post again sooner, or at least I'll try to.

Ta-ta for now ;-)

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Still going!

I'm still going to the gym. I've not wimped out!
I enjoy it and I like the "feel good ache" I get in the mornings afterwards.
I think I've gotten a bit bigger. I'm trying to bulk up and put a bit of weight on with all this. My ideal weight is 13 stone. I'm a wimpy 11 stone right now.

I've been thinking of getting protein drink as due to stresses I'm under right now my appetite is almost non existant. So I think a protein drink will help provide my muscles with the protein needed to gain muscle mass.

The way things are going my stresses will not be getting any better soon. In fact they will most likely be getting very much worse with the coming weeks. So the protein drinks may help give some energy to get through all this.

On top of my normal workout last week I played indoor football with some mates. Well, I say football. The only thing it had in common with the beautiful game is that there were goals and a ball. After that it was eight very unfit and testosterone charged men trying to hurt each other!

It was fun! It's looking to become a weekly event too. So that's nice.

I have more pictures but looking at them I really don't look much different. So I'll hold off on posting more for now.

Sunday, 27 January 2008


These aren't very good. So I'm warning you now, I just look like a skinny, hairy runt!

For some reason I can't post pictures. So instead you'll have to make do with the links.¤t=DSC01082.jpg¤t=DSC01083.jpg¤t=DSC01084.jpg

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

First session finished! phew! I'm knackered!

I was looking forard to my first session. This was a new thing for me to try, and it turned out to be good!

I started on a treadmill. I did 2 minutes at level 4(mph?) and then one minute at 5. I alternated like this until 10 minutes had gone by. Started to get a little sweat on, but I was feeling good.

Second thing was the cross trainer. I had used one of these before, and I thought they were instruments of torture! Turns out I just didn't know how to use it. Yeah, how silly do I feel now?
I spent another 10 minutes on this switching from levels 2 and 3 each minute. By now I was sweating nicely. Nice.

The last instrument of torture was the cycle machine. This was another one minute job as I switched between levels 2 and 3 each minute. This was my half hour of cardiovascular work. I felt good. I had a nice amount of puff taken out of me, and my legs were just getting to that wobbly stage that lets you know you're still very unfit.

At this point my instructor asked what is it I hoped to get out of the whole gym experience. I replied "I'm not totally sure. I want to get fit, but also put a bit of muscle weight on at the same time." He said "That's fine. I'll put you on a system that does each of those in smaller amounts."
So, after half an hour of nice leg work and a good warm up, I moved to the resistance machines. You know, the ones with the pegs and weights.

First thing was the leg press. This was easy for me. I've always been gifted with strong legs. I think had I not done the first half hour on the other machines, this would have been very easy. As it turned out, it was a nice exercise to get my thighs warm and feeling taught.

The next machine was the chest press. This involved sitting upright with two handles just beyond shoulder width and pushing out. I did this a total of 24 times. Three lots of eight.
This hurt. I struggled for the last few, but I completed my reps.

The next one involved pulling the weights from above my head to my sternum. No idea what this one was called, but it was hard! It worked my back and chest. I think. This was a good one with 3 x 8 reps again. I finshed these too.

The next one was my triceps. I asked about this one as it was really hard for me. My instructor said that you only use your triceps when lifting up and lifting out. I don't do either of those, so this one was REALLY hard!
Again it was 3 x 8 reps and I finished them. Just.

Last exercise was biceps. This was the same as triceps, but upside down. Kind of. Same thing again, 3 x 8 reps. I only managed 23 reps. I feel so ashamed!

This was the end of my workout. I'll be sticking to this plan until it gets too easy. Then I'll up it to maybe 3x10 reps. We'll see.

I feel good! Exercise is a good thing!

I'll post some pictures soon showing my progress.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Here goes!


My name is Stiffy. I am 22 years old. I live in Oxford, England and I work in a very "bottom-rung" job in customer service. But I like it, so it's not too bad.

The point of this blog is to document my fitness. My last job (in a car production plant) was very labour intensive. I would walk anywhere up to 14 miles over the course of 11 hours each night.
This job was awful. But it paid very well. At least £21k a year. The down side was that it was extremely depressing. I decided that my mental health was more important than a fat wallet, so I quit. I walked into the office with my notice, handed it in and they said "when would you like to leave?" I replied "I wouldn't be here now if I had the choice.". They then said that I could work that night and then never come back. I was thrilled!

I spent month job hunting and my Mum helped me find my current job. It's in an office and is considerably more stimulating for my mind.

The downside is it doesn't pay that well. I take home just over £12k each year. I'm also sat on my arse everyday, which is fine at the moment as I have my "young person metabolism", but in a few years I could end up never seeing my feet again!

This is where my mission come in. I plan to join a gym and blog my progress. This should add an incentive to keep it going. As I'm sure most people know, the problem with gym membership is keep the incentive to go each week.

I won't be doing this alone. I have drafted my mate Pete to help me. This should add another incentive as we can egg each other on.

The first step is taken. I have joined a gym at the cost of £42.50 a month. Oh dear. Here we go!